Meet-up : Introduction to the Acumos AI Project

OW2con'18 is pleased to host meet-ups proposed by third party open source organizations or partners.


The Orange team proposes this meet-up on the Acumos AI project at OW2con'18. 

Meet-up presentation, objectives and target audience

The objective is to introduce the Acumos AI Project: vision, rationale, strategic goals, architecture and a high level demonstration. The targeted audience is mainly Machine Learning and Deep Learning Modelers and Analysts, Data Scientists.
This meet-up is proposed by Jamil Chawki and Francois Jezequel from Orange. 


  • Introduction to Acumos AI project
  • Demonstration of Acumos AI
  • Open Discussion on AI model and formats

Practical information

Meet-up date: Thursday June 7 afternoon. 

Venue: Orange Gardens, 44 Avenue de la République, 92320 Châtillon. See OW2con'18 Practical information

Room: Giant 1. 

Please register for your free pass through the OW2con'18 Registration Form (ticking the box "Acumos AI MeetUp"). 

About Acumos AI Project

Acumos AI is a platform and open source framework that makes it easy to build, share, and deploy AI apps. Acumos standardizes the infrastructure stack and components required to run an out-of-the-box general AI environment. This frees data scientists and model trainers to focus on their core competencies and accelerates innovation.
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