Meet-Up: OSAi Accessibility

The OW2 Accessibility Initiative OSAi will run a meet-up during OW2con'18. 

This OSAi open meet-up will discuss accessibility needs and commercial opportunities, show open source tools for maximizing digital inclusion, and promote OSAi as a collaboration and exchange forum.


Practical information and registration

Meet-up date: Thursday June 7 afternoon. 

Venue: Orange Gardens, 44 Avenue de la République, 92320 Châtillon. See Practical information.
Room: Big 2.
How to register: Please register for your free pass through the OW2con'18 Registration Form (ticking the box "OSAi MeetUp").  


OSAi booth and demonstration pod

Venue: OW2con'18 exhibition and breaks area
Schedule: Thursday June 7 during lunch break and afternoon break

Conference: Towards an open source desktop 100% accessible.

Schedule: Thursday June 7 from 01:00 to 01:30pm, room TBC
Speaker:  Jean-Philippe Mengual, Hypra
Abstract: Come discover with a leading desktops open source accessibility company how to develop open source computers for employees with disabilities and how open source can help make those desktops more accessible. Hypra will present the existing solutions, but it will also explain how it values them through a development focused on the user, its needs and taking into account the constraints of the job position where the employee evolves (budget, team, technical environment, etc.)
Target audience/ technical pre-requisites

Hands-On Session: Realize your own tests with a webextension (accessibility and more).

Schedule: Thursday June 7 from 01:30 to 03:30pm, room TBC
Speakers: Romain Gervois, Molika Thai, OCEANE Consulting.
Abstract: To develop a quality web project, the developer must implement more and more rules. From accessibility to SEO through eco-design, you have to equip yourself to test what you produce.
There are a lot of existing tools (bookmarklets, online tools, Web Extensions ...); but what visibility is there on what is really tested and especially how are these tests performed?
We propose you to quickly and easily create your own test games with Open Source Web Extensions for Firefox. It is based only on web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) without any additional technical requirements (no preprocessor, taskrunner and no command line).
Target audience/ technical pre-requisites: Accessibility, quality, performance analysis. Participants will ideally have a good knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Participants will have to come with their own PC.   

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