XWiki Meet-Up

OW2con'18 is pleased to host meet-ups proposed by third party open source organizations or partners.


Meet-Up Agenda and Target Audience

The XWiki community along with XWiki SAS will run a meetup during OW2con'18.
This meetup will consist of : 

  • Testimonials from XWiki users regarding their daily experience with the product 
  • A presentation of the new features in the last versions of XWiki 
  • A discussion time about improvement ideas or feature requests in the XWiki ecosystem.

Who should attend?
Wether you are a long time XWiki user or not, this meetup is also the perfect moment to meet some of the project contributors and talk about any problems that you might have encountered in your XWiki experience.

Practical information

Meet-up Date: June 7 afternoon. 

Room: TBC

Venue: Orange Gardens, 44 Avenue de la République, 92320 Châtillon. See Practical information

Registration: Please register using the OW2con'18 Registration Form (ticking the box "XWiki MeetUp").  

About XWiki

XWiki is an advanced open source wiki designed to easily help building projects and collaborative applications. The platform offers 700+ extensions allowing a total customization of its features and is being used by multiple companies (Amazon, SNCF, SCOR, …) for its multiple use cases. More at https://www.xwiki.com/en/. 

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