The central theme of OW2con this year is: "The Challenges of Mainstream Open Source". This background theme refers to the challenges appearing today for open source communities, projects and companies as open source is becoming mainstream. There are many challenges we need to be aware of: from free riders (how can we get organisations like integrators and users to understand it is in their own long-term interests to contribute back to projects?) to uncontrolled re-use (we need tools and best practices to manage endless dependencies and properly assess open source projects) through SaaS (how critical will our four foundational freedoms going to be if they do not suffice to define openness, should open source licenses adapt), and verticalisation (with open source everywhere, how are we going to fare as we move out of our comfort zone of horizontal components, tools and application platforms?), and the damage that can be caused by opportunistic foundations leveraging the mechanics of open source only to develop technologies and market positions. And theses are only some of the challenges we must be aware of. 

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KEYNOTE - Karsten Reincke is Senior Expert Key Projects at Deutsche Telekom AG Open Source Committee.


KEYNOTE - Bastien Guerry is the free software officer for the French public administration. He first studied philosophy and cognitive sciences.


OW2con'19 takes place on June 12-13, 2019 at Orange Gardens, in Paris-Châtillon.

Orange Gardens,
44 Avenue de la République,
92320 Châtillon

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