OW2con Speaker Guide

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We are appreciating your contribution to the OW2 annual conference, as a speaker.
Do not hesitate to spread the word around you, posting about your talk at OW2con on your favorite social networks, blogs, shared agendas and websites. The Community page provides you several OW2con communication assets.

Prepare your slides

  • Use standard fonts in your presentation
  • Prepare a PDF file of your presentation and send it along with your (ODP, PPT) source file to "event-team at ow2.org" one week before OW2con starts
  • Your presentation will be launched from the local broadcast center. In case you need to display a video file, prepare a USB key please.
  • We don't recommend to connect your own computer to the desk without a prior test, because of HMDI port compatibility issues

At showtime

  • Place your feet between the lines on the floor (video camera setting)
  • Place the wireless microphone close to your mouth, in contact with your chin
  • Introduce yourself clearly avoiding technical jargon overuse
  • Change your slides using the provided remote control
  • Stay brief, concise and respect the timing


  • Should you have questions regarding the next conference, please

    Contact the OW2 event team

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