OWcon'14 Sessions

1 Big Data:


The session will focus mainly on the recent OW2 Big Data Initiative launched in 2014. This initiative attracts a vibrant eco system around open source Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies, by identifying and working on actual business scenarios in which these technologies can bring valuable results extracting valuable information. The initiative also focuses on Open Data, as a primary source of information, freely available, in order to increase the value of information owned by organizations and enterprises. External presentations will also be reviewed.

2 Business Intelligence Session:


3 Collaborative Projects Session:


4 Middleware In Action Session:


This session will include presentations based on OW2 projects. It can be given by one project or jointly by two projects, showing the interaction between projects. The presentations given in this session include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

5 OW2 Project Spotlight:


That's classic OW2. Technology presentations based on OW2 projects, they showcase latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

6 Open Cloud Summit Session:


This session will provide attendees with a status and roadmap from the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) in addition to presentations given by invited third parties.

7 Open Source Innovation Catalyst:


Software is a pervasive element in research, not only in Computer Science, for which it is natural to produce software artifact, but in all other disciplines too, where the need to manage and elaborate information pushes researchers to develop and maintain significant software tools.
Open Source software coming from these research activities is a really interesting object for technology transfer, which is essential to produce the innovation on which the competitiveness of modern industry relies. By simplifying matters related to intellectual property, and building collaborative communities, Open Source software lends itself
very naturally to fluid transfer and innovation activities. It is thus possible to gain significant productivity in the building of complex software systems, reducing the R&D costs and increasing software reliability.
Good practices in technology transfer using Open Source, as well as difficulties one may encounter in the process, are the key subject of this track.

The Open Source Innovation Catalyst track is organized by: IRILL (http://www.irill.org )

8 Quality in Open Source:


Quality in Open Source: Inline with the OW2 Quality Program "Oscar" (Open-Source Software Capability Assessment Radar), this session aims at highlighting projects and initiatives that help improve open source software quality and market readiness.

9 SQuAT (Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness) Session:


SQuAT is OW2 quality program, an initiative launched in 2011 with the aim to improve code quality by enforcing tests on OW2 mature projects. The session will cover the SQuAT methodologies and tools through the experience of OW2 projects. The session will discuss the status and outlook of the SQuAT program.

10 Session OW2 Success Stories:


11 Session Open Source Cloud:


12 Sessions The Economics of Open Source:


13 Setting the stage in Open Cloud:


14 Use Cases Session: