OWcon'15 Sessions

1 Joint Projects presentations:


We like these a lot! They are presentations given jointly by two or more project leaders working together. The aim is to highlight interactions between OW2 projects and show how OW2 components are used simultaneously. Cooperations between OW2 and external projects are accepted. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

2 OW2 Project Spotlight & Use Cases:


This session includes technology presentations, including project demonstrations, latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations but also real-word Use Cases of OW2 technology: Production use of OW2 projects by end-users; Systems integrators solutions deployed with OW2 projects; or Integration of OW2 projects in commercial offerings.

3 Open Cloud:


This is a session for technical- and business-oriented presentations focusing on open source cloud computing, proposed by members participating in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) or external technology experts.

4 Privacy & Security:


This session welcomes all presentations that can help us position OW2 in this sector and build the Privacy and Security Initiative

5 Software Governance and Quality:


Seems to be our main focus this year. Presentations in this category should focus on tools, best practices and shared experience that help us develop quality code that is easy to contribute to.