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Free software was defined a generation ago by the freedom to use, read, modify and redistribute the code. Yet these four simple rules have had the power to change the software industry. What appeared as an efficient techno-legal construct based on generous values of sharing and openness to efficiently collaborate on software development efforts has become open source software, a business model and a vehicle of collaborative innovation. OW2con’18 will concentrate on the many faces of open source software, its journey between values and value.

This year we want to cover a wide range of hot topics, including : 

  • Application Platforms 
  • Privacy & Security 
  • Accessibility 
  • Open Cloud
  • IoT 
  • AI
  • BPM
  • Big Data and BI 
  • Blockchain
  • Infrastructure Automation 
  • Software Testing
  • Software quality and market readiness       


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New format for this year's OW2con

https://www.ow2.org/download/Events_Photos/OW2con_17_Photos/OW2con17_Day2_144333.jpgOW2con'18 program include Meet-Ups proposed by third-party open source communities or associate organizations. Confirmed Meet-Ups include ACUMOS AI Project, Erlang, XWiki, and Accessibility Initiative OSAi


Featured Videos


KEYNOTE - In Open Source we trust, Thierry Souche, Orange


KEYNOTE - Open Source: The Third Decade, Simon Phipps, Meshed Insights Ltd and OSI


OW2con'18 takes place on June 7-8, 2018 at Orange Gardens, in Paris-Châtillon.

Orange Gardens,
44 Avenue de la République,
92320 Châtillon


Open Source Innovation Spring


OW2con'18 is part of the Open Source Innovation Spring, OSIS, the technological and scientific free and open source meet-up by Systematic Paris-Region cluster.

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