Code to Product

Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software.

September 21-22, Paris.

Held for the eighth consecutive year, OW2con'16 is the annual community event that brings together the OW2 community and technology experts, software architects, IT developers, project managers and decision-makers from all around the world.

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The main theme for this year's conference is "Code to Product: Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software."

OW2's mission is to facilitate the development of a portfolio of open source infrastructure software and foster a business ecosystem for the exploitation of its open source code base. From a business perspective, we know that code is just a fraction of the software value chain. To become an actual product, code needs documentation, packaging, training, and a whole range of marketing, technical, financial and legal support. Only companies leveraging the open source business model really invest in productizing their software. For the rest of us, the gap between creating code and actually delivering a product to market is a challenge. At OW2, we call this the Delivery Challenge, which we help our projects address through our marketplace and market readiness program.

OW2con'16 is kindly hosted by Mozilla France.

Attend OW2con'16 for two days of project presentations, demonstrations, roundtables, keynote presentations and free lunch and the now legendary OW2 free beer party!

Come meet the community. And don't forget to tweet about your participation!

Memorabilia: Check out the OW2con'15 video captures, slides of presentations and photos!

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