OW2con'16 Best Project Awards Contest

OW2 will recognize and reward this year again "best of breed" projects and successful implementations of OW2 technologies.  

The OW2con Awards 2016 are open to all OW2 projects. This award is a unique opportunity for OW2 members to showcase their projects and to benefit from increased recognition within the OW2 community.

How to submit to OW2con'16 Award Contest?

Please read carefully those recommendations before submitting your project. 

  • The submission must be done online (the online form will be open early September). 
  • Each entry must be separate - If you are entering three different categories, you will need to fill in three separate forms. The word count for each entry is limited to 600 words.
  • Please note that the quality of your entry (reference clients, general information, technical details, etc.) has a bearing on the outcome of each category. Entrants are encouraged to be as transparent as possible regarding their success story in general. Please avoid  "cut-and-paste-job" from the company website.

OW2con'16 Award Contest Timeline

  • Deadline to register: September 9, 2016 
  • Jury evaluation deadline: September 16, 2016
  • Award Ceremony: September 21, 2016 at Mozilla Paris Space

1 Community Award:


This award will recognize the community aspect. The jury will pay particular attention to:

  • end-user driven development
  • cooperation and integration between two or more projects
  • contribution to the OW2 governance
  • fostering the community momentum

2 Innovation Award:


This award will recognize the use of latest OW2 developments. The jury will pay particular attention to:  

  • the implementation of new emerging standards
  • novel functionalities 
  • opening new technology field for OW2
  • aligning OW2 with strategic technology trends

3 Market Award:


The winner of this category will be the success story which illustrates:

  • integration of OW2 project in commercial offering
  • solution by system integrator leveraging OW2 technologies
  • a business deal/agreement between an OW2 project and industry stakeholder
  • high profile or innovative customer sale
  • Market readiness demonstrated by a significant MRL score

4 Quality Award:


This award is inline with OW2 Quality Program "Oscar" (Open-Source Software Capability Assessment Radar) and rewards all efforts done to develop quality software and/or software that is easy to contribute to.

5 Technology Council Special Price:


Special Price delivered by the OW2 Technology Council to reward the outstanding achievements of the project or for any reason the Council might deem relevant.

Please see below the picture of winners from last year's awards: 

OW2 Best Project 2015 Award Contest Winners

The Jury selected the winners for each of the four awards as follows:

Community Award Innovation Award Market Award Quality Award 
 DocDoku  hammr  ProActive  Spago4Q 
DocDokuPLM (DocDoku) receives the OW2 Community Award for its end-user oriented development model and its continuous and successful efforts at growing a community of contributors and followers Hammr (UShareSoft, Fujitsu group) wins the OW2 Innovation Award, for a technology that avoids cloud lock-in, support heterogenous cloud scenarios and reduces development cycles ProActive (ActiveEon) wins the OW2 Market Award for its continuous market presence and growing commercial success illustrated by the UK Home Office immigration platform presented at OW2con Spago4Q (Engineering Group) receives the OW2 Quality Award for its contribution to the continuous improvement of quality best practices and the assessment of development processes in compliance with quality standards 
 OW2con15-winners-Awards-DocDoku.png  OW2con15-winners-Awards-hammr.png  OW2con15-winners-Awards-ProActive.png  OW2con15-winners-Awards-Spago4Q.png