OW2con'11 - Call for Presentations

At OW2Con 2011, we will present the latest innovations and new technologies in the open source middleware area. The OW2Con is an international high-technology event, featuring two days of project demonstrations and presentations, open source initiatives and business presentations. Invited guest open source speakers will complete the program. The program will feature: 

- High level technology presentation based on OW2 middleware technologies
- Keynote addresses: gathering both technology experts and institutional invited speakers.
- The Open Source Cloud Summit: providing status and roadmap from the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) in addition to presentations given by invited third parties.
- SQuAT (Software Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness) Session: SQUAT has the aim to improve the quality of code by generalizing quality tests on OW2 technologies and setting up a quality label.
- Collaborative projects: Presentations of European and French projects where OW2 is involved - including CompatibleOne, CHOReOS

You are invited to submit a proposal of presentation in the following fields: 

a) Middleware in Action: Technology presentations based on OW2 projects. Presentations can be possibly jointly given by two (or more) projects working together. The aim is to highlight interactions between OW2 projects, and to show how OW2 components are used together. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

b) OW2 Initiatives: Presentations related to the Open Source Cloudware (OSCi) and Business Intelligence (BI) Initiatives. Both technical or business-oriented proposals are accepted.

c) Real world Use Cases of OW2 components and platforms:
- Production use of OW2 projects by end-users;
- Systems integrators solutions deployed with OW2 projects;
- Integration of OW2 projects in commercial offerings.

d) Other proposals on topics of interest that showcase "OW2 Middleware in Action" are also welcome.

To submit a proposal


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Please contact Management Office with providing the following information:
  1. Your full name, title and organization 
  2. Contact information, including your postal address
  3. The name of your proposed session (keep your title simple and relevant to the topic)
  4. The category of the intended presentation (Technical Presentation, Initiative, USe Case)
  5. A 250 word max. abstract of your presentation
  6. A 100 to 200 word speaker bio

Submission should be written in English, all presentations are to be given in English.

Deadline to send your proposal: September 15th, 2011.