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Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by a commitment to sound operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology and services. Our ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world's population. With more than 180,000 employees, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society, and building a Better Connected World.

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Centreon is a global provider of business-aware IT monitoring for always-on operations and performance excellence. The company’s AIOps-ready, business-aware IT monitoring platform is renowned for its unique ability to monitor today’s complex and converging infrastructure, from Cloud-to-Edge. Privately held, Centreon was founded in 2005 with roots in open source software. The company continues to steward a dynamic open-source framework and a growing, vibrant global community of 200,000. Today, Centreon is trusted by organizations of all sizes across a wide range of public and private sectors. Its head offices are located in Paris and Toronto, with sales offices in Geneva, Luxembourg and Toulouse. For more information, visit https://centreon.com .


Thousands of Microsoft engineers use, contribute to and release open source every day across every platform, from the cloud to client operating systems, programming languages and more. Microsoft’s open source repositories live on GitHub which the company acquired in 2018 and of which it is among the site’s most active contributors.


As a key partner in the digitalisation of commerce, PrestaShop aims to become the reference commerce platform for the growth of businesses around the world, by building on its values: audacity, proximity, tenacity and engagement.
With nearly 300,000 sites already using its software across the globe, PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution in Europe and Latin America.
Thanks to PrestaShop Essentials, its suite of modules that offers secure payment solutions worldwide, performance analysis and web marketing, and PrestaShop Platform, its hosting offer, PrestaShop allows companies to easily deploy their business on a larger scale.
In 2020, PrestaShop sites generated more than 22 billion euros in online sales.
Starting from November 2021 PrestaShop became part of the global family of MBE Worldwide to accelerate its growth and become together the leading global ecommerce and logistics platforms for businesses.

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Engineering Group is the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 12,000 associates, with over 60 offices spread across Europe, the United States, and South America and global delivery. The Engineering Group, consisting of over 20 companies in 12 countries, has been supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organizations for more than 40 years, thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions. With a strong and relentless focus on Innovation, through our R&I division that comprises over 450 researchers and data scientists (and a global innovation network of universities, startups, and research firms), the Group continues to invest in international R&D projects, while exploring groundbreaking technologies and developing new business solutions.  Engineering Group is also provider of KNOWAGE the open-source suite for modern analytics and business intelligence over traditional sources and cloud/big data systems.

H2020 MORPHEMIC project proposes an unique way of adapting and optimizing Cloud computing applications. The project is an extension of the multi-cloud platform developed in the H2020 project MELODIC. The project extends the MELODIC open source platform  with 2 main innovative pillars:
- Polymorphing architecture, when a component can run in different technical forms, i.e. in a Virtual Machine (VM), in a container, as a big data job, or as serverless components and
- Proactive adaptation that aims to forecast future resource needs and possible deployment configurations.


NGI Pointer - A new open-internet architecture

The spread of digital services requires a more efficient, flexible and safe internet. This requires new building blocks with the bases for the human-centric technical revolution of internet architecture. 

Since its start in 2019, the EU-funded NGI-POINTER project has been supporting 37 Next-Generation Internet (NGI) architects who bear new protocols, open software and hardware intended for internet management in a wide range of cases such as privacy-by-design, IoT, network perfection, e-commerce security and energy efficiency. You can read more about the NGI Architects the project is supporting here: https://pointer.ngi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/NGI-POINTER-Architects-Booklet-2021.pdf .


The City of Paris is the administration, municipal and departmental representatives of Paris. They brings together skills and profiles of various origins: civil servants of the city or the state, contractual ones coming from private or academic, associations, Arts and sports. City of Paris is leader of the Lutece OW2 project, a free and powerful Java based Content Management Framework.


ONLYOFFICE is a free software office suite developed by experienced IT experts from Ascensio System SIA, leading IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. This complete and feature-rich online solution comprises online editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations highly compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats. ONLYOFFICE provides users with multiple editing tools and collaborative features ensuring greater team workflow, and seamless work with complex formatting and objects within your web solution.

After a few years working with free and open source companies and facing the "growing pressure" of our customers, we decided to create a company whose positioning would be focused on technical expertise. Indeed, many players have made their job integration of open source solutions, but they are, quite rarely, to offer exclusively a high level of expertise.
It is in order to fill, in part (we do not pretend to be unique), this gap that we decided to create Worteks. Worteks' objective is to bring together and put at the disposal of its clients high-level skills in this sector, which is essential for information and communication technologies.

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FactorFX  is the company behind Open Computers and Software Inventory (OCS Inventory) a well recognized asset management solution, broadly deployed in public administrations and private organisations worldwide. FactoFX is also the publisher of MyB’suite (extended communication solution based on Bluemind messaging). FactorFX offers services of integration, expertise, and service delivery.

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rocket.chat is a company built on open source values and a love of efficiency. The company is driven by amazing community of contributors, with the facilitation of a talented team, who work tirelessly to keep the code to a high standard and make contributors’ lives easier, led by founder Gabriel Engel. Rocket.Chat was named the top project at Black Duck’s Open Source Rookies of the Year in 2016. They are based in Brazil, but the vast majority of the team work remotely.

Community Partners


APELL (Association Professionnelle Européenne du Logiciel Libre) is Europe’s Open Source Business Association. Founded in 2020 to bring national Open Source Software organisations together into a European network to provide them with peer support and collective marketing, as well as capacity building and policy support for public affairs, both nationally and on the EU-level.


Founded in 2002, the ADULLACT association's objectives are to support and coordinate the actions of local and regional authorities in order to promote, develop and maintain a heritage of free software dedicated to public service missions. ADULLACT is an initiative created from the need to have an alternative to closed-source software, particularly in the field of business software. By setting up free software projects that meet the specific needs of its members and by coordinating territorial skills, ADULLACT aims to give concrete meaning to the idea of pooling resources. With a simple conviction and principle : public money only has to pay once !


The CNLL (France’s Free Software and Open Digital Enterprise Union) is a trade association representing about 200 “pure players” companies (specialized or with a significant activity in free software): open source software vendors, systems integrators, consulting companies, etc. The CNLL’s main missions are to represent the OSS professional ecosystem to public authorities and existing national and international organizations, to ensure greater visibility of the entire ecosystem – its software and service offer, its specific assets and its needs, particularly in terms of employment and training; to enable the players in the sector to recognize themselves within it, to exchange and work together to develop the market, while respecting common values. Follow : @cnll_fr.


OpenExpo Europe has been one of the disclosure windows in Technological Innovation, Digital Transformation and Open Source for 7 years.
This year Open Expo Europe is coming back to a physical event, on June 30, 2O22.
This initiative arises after the enormous success of our online activities within Innovation, Digital Transformation and Open Source, in which topics such as have been discussed Cybersecurity, Blockchain, IA, Virtual Reality, IoT, Big Data, etc. Enjoy more than 50 activities and network with technology and innovation professionals, with the aim of promoting the ecosystem and generating networking.


ESOP  is an organization that represents Portuguese companies that are dedicated to the development of software and which provide services based on Open Source technologies. ESOP integrates a set of reference companies with proven experience in national and international projects.


The Open Infrastructure Foundation builds communities that write open source infrastructure software that runs in production. This year the Open Infrastructure Foundation organizes the OpenInfra Summit in Berlin on June 7-9, 2022.  
Collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes and 30+ other technologies at the OpenInfra Summit! The Summit features content across open infrastructure use cases including public, private & hybrid cloud, containers, edge computing, 5G, hardware enablement and more! Sponsorship and registration are open at https://openinfra.dev/summit/. 

RIOS is a network of Italian companies highly specialised in Open Source technologies develop enterprise projects offering expertise and support.
RIOS represents a reference point in Italy for whoever wants to exploit Open Source benefits with the security, stability, support and guarantee of enterprise-level solutions

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference, SFScon, is one of Europe’s most established annual conferences on Free Software. SFScon promotes the use of Free Software in digital infrastructures as a tool to achieve greater innovation and competitiveness in the region. Here decision-makers and developers meet, learn and get inspired.

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Systematic Paris-Region, a global competitiveness cluster, federates and leads an ecosystem of excellence with 900 members, focused on Deep Tech (Data Science & AI, Cyber & Security, Digital Infrastructure and IoT, Digital Engineering, Optics & Photonics, Free & Open Source Software). Systematic thus addresses 3 major economic and societal challenges: the digital transformation of territories, industry and services as well as that of society. The cluster accelerates digital projects via collaborative innovation, SME development, networking and business sourcing in the sectors of the future: energy, telecommunications, health, transport, information  systems,  factory  of  the  future,  digital  cities,  and  digital  security.  The  cluster  is  also  responsible  for  promoting  its actors, its region and its innovation projects in order to increase its visibility and develop the Paris Region's attractiveness. Systematic's activities are supported, in particular, by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF),French State Agencies (DGE, DGA, Agence Innovation Defense) and ParisRegion.

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