The Call For Presentations Is Closed


At OW2con, we look for talks that improve the technical skills of open source professionals, strike their imaginations and motivate them to excel professionally. The OW2 annual conference is appreciated for its short, focused and cutting-edge sessions. Please submit a presentation that fits in one or more of the following broad themes.

  • OW2 Project Spotlight 

    That's classic OW2. Technology presentations based on OW2 projects, they showcase latest news on OW2 flagship projects and new projects presentations. Project presentations should include not only technical explanations, but also project demonstrations and feedback from end-users.

  • Enterprise Applications 

    We look for presentations on generic components and application platforms for enterprise information systems spanning from middleware to application framework through big data, business intelligence, BPM, CMS, PLM, Wikis, illustrating open source going mainstream.

  • Privacy & Security 

    Open source software and OW2 have a role to play in this sector. This theme welcomes presentations that demonstrate technologies, projects and best practices that can help position and build the OW2 Privacy and Security Initiative

  • Accessibility 

    This theme aims at illustrating the progress made by the OW2 Open Source Accessibility initiative (OSAi). Here we expect not only demonstrations of Open Source Accessibility technologies and solutions but also the presentations of new opportunities for the initiative

  • Open Cloud 

    This is a theme for technical- and business-oriented presentations focusing on open source cloud computing, proposed by members participating in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware Initiative (OSCi) or external technology experts.

  • IoT 

    The broad IoT space is moving toward a platform model that encompasses a number of functional layers providing connectivity, security, data management and application enablement on top of hardware-specific interfaces.

  • Collaborative R&D Projects 

    Collaborative R&D projects, funded either at national or European level are are key for an innovative community such as OW2. This theme welcomes progress reports et key results of open source collaborative project in which OW2 and its members are engaged.

  • New Members 

    This theme gives a 10' wild card to recent new members of OW2. It is their opportunity to introduce themselves to the OW2 community: company profile, technology excellence, new projects. Also what they want to do with OW2 and what they expect from OW2.

  • Software quality and market readiness 

    Aligned with the OW2 Quality Program "Oscar" (Open-Source Software Capability Assessment Radar), this theme aims at highlighting projects and initiatives that help improve open source software quality and market readiness.

  • Business model and Governance 

    A transparent governance, a proper open source business model and the implementation of open source best practices are a guarantee for third party contributors as well as for end-users. This theme calls for presentations that provide guidelines and share experiences in this area. 

  • Others 

    We love any proposal with a content worth sharing with the OW2 community even if it is outside this scope. Do not hesitate to submit yours it will be evaluated with an open mind!