Open Source in Education, Science and Research

Title: Open Source in Education, Science and Research

Schedule: Tuesday June 11 afternoon. 

Room: TBC


Open source software is pervasive across all industries and economies, including, and increasingly, within academic and research institutions. Open source principles and practices around collaboration, co-creation, and peer review inherently resonate with faculty and researchers already familiar with the academy's approach to education, research, and science. Across Europe, particularly throughout France, a variety of open initiatives are fueling innovative partnerships among universities and between industries. The potential for the projects, institutions, companies, and the public is remarkable, but new models raise new questions. How does an "open source approach" impact scientific organizations' internal operations, institutional processes, and partnerships? How can organizations identify, engage, and leverage open source solutions? And perhaps most significantly, how can institutions of higher education introduce students to open source models as part of both academic programs and workforce development in support of next-generation IT.

This session includes presentations from Apereo projects and other initiatives, followed by an open discussion.

Content and program

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Call for Participation

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This workshop is coordinated by Patrick Masson, Executive Director at the Apereo Foundation. 


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