Breakout Session: OSPO, you can be heroes!


Date: June 11 afternoon, from 16:40 to 17:40PM.
Room: February room

In the shadows of the lines of code, hidden from the eyes of the world, Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) stand like digital sentinels. Their mission? Protecting the land of the open world, ensuring the delicate balance between freedom and responsibility. Hiro Nakamura, the master of time and space, would have been proud of these guardians. They navigate between the galaxies of licenses, peering into every star in the open source community. Their powers? Knowledge of the OSI definition, the diplomacy of Pull Requests, and the ability to assemble code heroes.

In their secret headquarters, OSPOs strategise to guide developers into the light. They teach the paths to compliance, forging safe paths through the licensing jungles. They forge links with tribes of contributors, building bridges between the worlds of free software and business. But be careful, because all power has its flip side. OSPOs have to juggle paradoxes. How do you facilitate the creativity of developers within the How do you protect secrets while sharing knowledge? Like Claire Bennet, they have to constantly regenerate themselves, adapt to code mutations and storms of controversy.

OSPOs are the guardians of balance, the guardians of open source. They don't wear capes, but their keyboards are their swords. And in the silence of the lines of code, they keep watching, ready to save the software world, one pull request at a time.

They can be heroes, you can be heroes - how come we are so few?

Session format and audience

This session's intent is to engage discussion with the audience fostered by few OSPO heroes and a moderator. Inside-out discussion about why we don't have OSPO's developing everywhere, public, private, academia, small or large organization. We are looking for few guest speakers  to kick off the session by sharing their experience (good, bad, ugly - in 3 minutes, no slides). 

This Breakout Session is coordinated by the OSPO Alliance


Please make sure to get your OW2con'24 free ticket to access the breakout session, and take this opportunity to attend the full conference program.