OW2con'13 Award Contest Results

OW2con13-AwardGeneric150x117.png Day2Awardsfinal800x6001.jpgOW2con13-AwardGeneric150x117.png

Awards Ceremony

The OW2con'13 Best Project Awards Ceremony took place on November 13 at 6:00pm, during OW2con'13.We would like to thank all OW2 projects who participated in this competition.


The Jury selected the winners for each of the four awards as follows:
Innovation Award Community Award Market AwardTechnology Council Special Prize
NanokoEmerginovTalend Open StudioXWiki
Congratulations to the winners!


The following projects were Nominees for the OW2con'13 Best Project Awards:
Innovation Award Community Award Market Award
LemonLDAP::NG - SpagoBI - DocDokuPLM - Nanoko - WebLab - Spago4Q - XWiki - CompatibleOneEmerginov - NanokoTalend Open Studio