Latest news (20/10/2020) - Given the current evolution in the COVID-19 situation,  we unfortunately have to postpone our physical event on November 3rd. While we deeply regret this decision, we reaffirm our intention to offer in-person community events. We will not be switching to 100%  virtual! We look forward to the situation improving and hope to be able to set a new date as soon as possible.

OW2con’20 brings together experts from around the world who focus on open source software and its role in modern corporate information systems. It comprises both a virtual conference OW2online’20 on June 17-18, and a face-to-face OW2 Community Day, November 3 in Grenoble.

The central theme of OW2con this year is: "The Challenges of Full Stack Open Source". This background theme refers to the challenges appearing today for decision makers who consider evolving their information systems with open source software. As open source has become mainstream it is not limited to the operating systems and infrastructure middleware. Open source software across the whole information system is what we call "full stack open source". What is at stake is more than just deploying Linux servers; it is about defining an architecture, engaging with the whole open source ecosystem and establishing a mature governance system.

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KEYNOTE - Luis Busquets, Administrator at European Commission


KEYNOTE - Roberto Di Cosmo, Director at Software Heritage / Inria

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