Community Day, November 3, Grenoble, POSTPONED

MoonShot Labs and the view of the city of Grenoble from Pont de la Porte de France by Zhaoshan75  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Latest news (20/10/2020) - Given the current evolution in the COVID-19 situation,  we unfortunately have to postpone our physical event on November 3rd. While we deeply regret this decision, we reaffirm our intention to offer in-person community events. We will not be switching to 100%  virtual! We look forward to the situation improving and hope to be able to set a new date as soon as possible.

2020 OW2 Community Day on November 3rd afternoon at the Moonshot Labs Digital Innovation Campus in Grenoble.
As a community, we need face-to-face meeting opportunities! 

We did plan in additional to OW2online'20 a face-to-face Community Day taking into consideration existing travel bans. We are pleased to announce the 2020 OW2 Community Day on November 3rd at the Moonshot Labs Digital Innovation Campus in Grenoble. Essentially a networking event, it will illustrate the central theme of this year's OW2con, "The Challenges of Full Stack Open Source", through two sessions: one on the best practices of open source governance and one on the challenges of managing software dependencies. Each session is built with two expert presentations followed by a round table.

A quick reminder to Project Leaders, you have until October 15th to submit your project to the OW2con'20 Best Project Awards contest; submit your project now! The winners will be announced at the Community Day just before the now legendary OW2con'20 Free Beer Party.

Session 1: Best Practices in Open Source Governance

This session covers a key aspect of open source becoming mainstream and pervasive throughout the whole information system. The concept of governance can be understood from two perspectives, the developer and the user. For the developer what is at stake is to make sure the project is acceptable by the market at large. For that, the developer must implement the best practices that will help make the software market ready. For the user the objective is to understand and manage open source correctly so as to derive the most benefits out of its usage.

  • The OW2 Market Readiness Levels: is your project market ready?
  • Should you set up an Open source program office?
  • Roundtable and Q&A with the attendees

Session 2: The Management of Software Dependencies

Developing with existing libraries has become a popular form of software reuse. Developers only have to declare which libraries their software depend on and special tools pull them automatically into their projects. Many questions arise from reusing existing code: is your software compliant with the libraries it depends on, does a declared vulnerability really affect your software project, which lines of code will actually be impacted if you update this dependency?

  • The Challenges of Software Dependencies
  • Continuous Integrations: Benefits and Pitfalls
  • Roundtable and Q&A with the attendees

Thank you to our sponsors Orange, Software Heritage, Engineering, FundingBox, The Eclipse Foundation, BlueMind and Microsoft. Their support and trust mean a lot to us and are greatly appreciated!


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