OW2online Platform

We have been looking for a technical solution that would:

  • be as open source as possible,
  • require no client software installation,
  • provide opportunities for interactions,
  • be easy to deploy and operate.

The components of the solution we are currently working on include:
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kdenlive_logo.jpgKdenlive for video editing,
Open_Broadcaster_Software_Logo.png OBS as a back-end for recording and streaming presentations to YouTube Live,
YouTube_logo.jpgYouTube for live broadcast and archive,
Logo_de_PeerTube.svgBittube for the archive,
rocketchat_logo.webpRocket.Chat as a browser-based integrated front-end displaying presentations and chats,
pretalx-logo.pngPretalx to manage the program,
xwiki_logo.pngXWiki for the conference web site.

Depending on how the pandemic evolves, Orange Labs’ will support OW2online with its video control room to add a live element.

For more details and recommendations, check out OW2 CTO Antoine Mottier's blog