OW2con'23 Best Project Awards

The OW2 Best Project Awards recognize and reward "best of breed" projects and successful implementations of OW2 technologies.  

The OW2con Awards are open to all OW2 projects. This award is a unique opportunity for OW2 members to showcase their projects and to benefit from enhanced recognition in the OW2 community.

How to submit to OW2con'23 Award Contest?

Please read the following recommendations before submitting your project. 

  • Please submit online by clicking on the button below, it is the only way to take part in the contest. 
  • Each entry must be separate - If you are entering three different categories, please fill in three separate forms. Word count for each entry is limited to 600 words.
  • Please note that the quality of your entry (reference users, general information, technical details, etc.) has a bearing on the outcome of each category. 
  • You are encouraged to be as transparent as possible. Please avoid quick cut-and-paste jobs from the company or project website.
     Award Submission is Closed

OW2con'23 Award Contest Timeline

  • Deadline to register: Mai 7th, 2023 
  • Award ceremony: June 14th, 2023 in Paris

1. Community Award


This award will recognize the community aspect. The jury will pay particular attention to:

  • end-user driven development
  • cooperation and integration between two or more projects
  • contribution to the OW2 governance
  • fostering the community momentum

2. Market Award


The winner of this category will be the success story which illustrates:

  • integration of OW2 project in commercial offering
  • solution by system integrator leveraging OW2 technologies
  • a business deal/agreement between an OW2 project and industry stakeholder
  • high profile or innovative customer sale
  • Market readiness demonstrated by a significant MRL score

3. Technology Award


This award will recognize the technology excellence of the project. The jury will pay particular attention to:

  • Quality (tests coverage, code analysis tools, security vulnerabilities, etc)
  • Project health (number and evolution of releases, downloads, issues, etc)
  • Existence of a community (number of contributors, forums, and evolution)
  • User-friendliness (level of documentation provided, etc)

Please see below the picture of winners from last year's awards: 

OW2 Best Project 2022 Award Contest Winners

The Jury selected the winners for each of the three awards as follows:

Community Award Market Award Technology Award 
 Prestashop  GLPI  Telosys 
The 2022 OW2 Best Project Community Award goes to Prestashop. The leading ecommerce software in Europe and Latin America recently joined OW2. PrestaShop received the Community Award as a result of its effort to adapt its processes and open its community to an highly international audience to be as inclusive as possible. All community members can interact through the forum in 30 languages. The software is now available in over 60 languages. The translation process is also highly collaborative with 3546 translators collaborating on Crowdin. The 2022 OW2 Best Project Market Award goes to GLPi, one of the most complete open source ITSM solution on the market. With more than 11 million users in 186 countries and an interface available in 47 languages. GLPi benefits from a strong user community, and provide high level of services expertise and customer focus. GLPi customers are represented by public institutions, retail, financial & bank industries, educational sector (schools and universities). Teclib, the company behing GPLi is developping an active and large partnership program, thus expanding its presence all around the world. The 2022 OW2 Best Project Technology Award goes to Telosys, a lightweight and fully customizable code generator. Easy to use, designed to reduce developers workload and to bootstrap any kind of project, Telosys offers a simple and pragmatic approach for code generation. Telosys can be used to generate code for any type of language (Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C #, HTML, Scala, Go, etc.) with any type of framework (AngularJS, JPA, Spring MVC, etc). It can be used as a tactical tool to improve productivity and code quality, especially when it is used for project bootstrapping. 
  • See the photos of the ceremony