Breakout Session: CLIF Performance Testing

Schedule: Thursday June 15, from 14:00 to 15:20. 




This demonstration and hands-on break-out session is dedicated to performance testing with OW2 CLIF load injection framework.

CLIF is a mature open source project hosted by OW2 community since its very beginning. During this session, we propose an overview of main CLIF features and tools, with a special focus on the latest web user interface. If coming with your PC, you'll end the session with CLIF set-up on it, ready to handle any performance test campaign.


  • Curiosity for performance testing for attending the demonstration part
  • Your PC with Java 8 for participating to the hands-on part


Thursday June 15

14:00 - 15:20

 CLIF in a nutshell

  • Demonstration with a toy performance test case
  • Automated test reports with the CLIF plug-in for Jenkins
  • Hands-on (requires Java)
  • Installation of CLIF runtime
    • installation of toy system under test
    • run test, browse and analyze measurements
    • install and run CLIF web UI (caution: requires Java 8, not greater)
    • open test scenario and test plan for edition in CLIF web UI
    • deploy and run the test with CLIF web UI
    • create your own scenario and test plan for an HTTP target


Bruno Dillenseger, software and performance engineer at Orange SA, leading architect of CLIF project


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