Welcome to OW2con'23 Call for Presentations - Cfp is closed now

In order to prepare your submission, we recommend you to have a quick look at the track descriptions below and choose the most appropriated with your topic.
The presentation duration will be this year 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for the questions & answers).
All proposals have to be submitted in English. Please prepare basic presentation details (title, abstract, speaker bio, photo) and submit your talk.

Deadline: February 26 (New extended deadline: March 7) - Call for Presentations is closed now. 

Track descriptions


Three prizes (Technology, Market and Community) will be distributed to reward OW2 "best of breed" projects and successful implementations of OW2 technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Like driving an autonomous car, our daily decisions are about to rely on AI algorithms, near real-time massive data analysis and well-trained neural networks. Beyond the technical challenges, are ethical and legal issues being considered?


This track covers community-oriented topics around collaboration, community building and community sustainability. It also includes presentations talking about open source governance and OSPOs : what are the best practices regarding compliance, code base management policies, developing an OSS culture, etc.?


This track is open to various contributors, acting in the technical or political fields of sovereignty, social economy, open data, sustainability, cooperation, etc.: come and share insights about how open source paves the road to commons.

Edge & IOT

A redistribution of data processing and data storage is now possible with the IoT rise, 5G networks and Edge computing. Are open source Edge/IoT infrastructures and platforms still in the demo stage? Or are they already providing effective and scalable use cases?


Developer time is a valuable resource, and contributors to open source software might want to be paid for this work as part of their regular workday. How is open source funded today? What are the trends among the renowned funding options (support to foundations, private investment, support and training, SaaS and hosting, Open Core, etc.)? This track includes testimonies and feedback from real stories.


For talks that don’t fit in any other tracks!


<em>No description provided.</em>


This session includes real-word use cases of OW2 technology: production use of OW2 projects by end-users, systems integrator solutions deployed with OW2 projects or integration of OW2 projects in commercial offerings.

Open science & research

The open science movement is attracting a growing number of researchers in France and in Europe. Scientific publications, cooperation with industry, exploitation of results: what difference does it make for the OW2 ecosystem? How the open source approach is impacting scientific organizations' daily work?


<em>No description provided.</em>


This track is for small (and bigger) building blocks that are used to create the foundations of larger solutions, the tools that are used to put them together, protocols that allow communication and interoperability, etc.