Choose your topic for the open debate : Open Source Funding, CSR  or role of Open Source Foundations


About OW2con'24 Open Debate

New this year : we will end the conference with an open debate, giving everyone a voice, and promising passionate exchanges. All participants (attendees, speakers, exhibitors) are invited to vote for their favorite topic. The discussion will be guided by a moderator.
We will publish in advance suggestions of questions or affirmations related to the chosen topic so that everyone can think in advance about insight he/she would like to put forward. 

Schedule: Wednesday June 12 at 15:50pm.
Venue: main auditorium

Topic 1: Open Source Funding

Developer time is a valuable resource, and contributors to open source software might want to be paid for this work as part of their regular workday. What are the current solutions for individuals, innovators, start-ups or Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to finance their development?

Topic 2: Open Source and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility, "RSE" in French)

Deploying open source software can benefit to CSR objectives. Open source integration can have an impact beyond the IT departments and disseminate its human values of collaboration, accessibility, good practices and energy efficiency throughout all departments of a given company.  How to align open source strategy with user’s CSR commitments?

Topic 3: The role of Open Source Foundations and the place of OW2 in the European Ecosystem

Rethinking together OW2's raison d'être and core services. With a growing number of services, such as GitHub, GitLab, etc. available as freemium offers, what should the foundations be offering to their members? What role foundations can play?

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