Discover W'Opla, an Open Source Alternative to VMware based on OpenStack


Like many VMware users, you may be considering a new solution due to changes in licensing models, partner restrictions, or significant price increases. As a recognized expert by the OpenInfra Foundation (which manages the OpenStack project), Worteks offers you a solution with performance, scalability, and modularity comparable to VMware, but based on Open Source technology.

W’Opla, an internally developed solution
W'Opla is a solution for deploying on-demand hosting as virtual machines or cloud instances (containers). Based on free technologies like Ovirt / OKD / OpenStack, it allows you to control, monitor, and deploy any type of application.

High Performance
W'Opla integrates advanced features such as shared identity management across all components. We perform regular updates to optimize performance and maintain the security of the solution.

Thanks to the implementation of a control plane, Worteks guarantees more automation and ease during updates to your infrastructure. OpenStack is an IaaS designed to be scalable, with central services grouped into a control plane that allows for simple management of software life cycles and version upgrades.

W'Opla is designed to be fully modular and therefore resilient to potential license changes or even financial issues from publishers of different components. We can easily replace a brick without having to rebuild a complete solution.

Open Source
What better way to meet the challenges of technological independence posed by publishers like Broadcom than through Open Source? With its natural strategy of contributions and reversals, the Open Source community ensures stability and security for proposed solutions. On this sharing basis, Worteks has developed expertise that provides effective and fast technical support.

Discover W'Opla on our site and do not hesitate to contact us for a presentation tailored to your needs.