Who will be the winners of OW2con'24 Best Project Awards?


The OW2 Best Project Awards recognize and reward "best of breed" projects and successful implementations of OW2 technologies. Three categories are evaluated. 

Community Award

This award recognize the community aspect, in particular end-user driven development, the cooperation and integration between two or more projects, the contribution to the OW2 governance and fostering the community momentum

Market Award

Winners of the Market Awards are based on success stories which illustrates the integration of OW2 project in commercial offering, or a solution by system integrator leveraging OW2 technologies, or a business deal/agreement between an OW2 project and industry stakeholder. A high score obtained for the MRL score demonstrates also the Market readiness of the project. 

Technology Award

Technology excellence is the key word for this award. Quality (tests coverage, code analysis tools, security vulnerabilities, etc), Project health (number and evolution of releases, downloads, issues, etc), Existence of a community (number of contributors, forums, and evolution), User-friendliness (level of documentation provided, etc) are the main indicators evaluated.  

In the past years the following projects have been awarded:

2024 Centreon, Mercator, Worteks W'IDaaS  
2023 ASM, OCS Inventory, Bluemind
2022 Telosys, PrestaShop, Teclib
2021 LDAP tool box, Zenroom, XWiki
2020 Lutece, Knowage, Melodic
2019 ProActive, XWiki, CLIF 

Who will be this year's winners? Join the Ceremony on June 11 at 17:40 and you will discover it !