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With over 5000 organisations using XWiki and over 500 clients worldwide, XWiki SAS is helping companies turn chaos into organized knowledge.

What is XWiki?

XWiki is an open-source collaborative wiki platform that offers extensive customization features, collaborative editing, document and file management, integration capabilities, and granular rights management. It is a flexible and scalable solution, with features for creating, organizing, searching, and sharing knowledge within teams and organisations, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Open source

XWiki is open-source software, which means that it is free to use, and you have access to the source code. This allows, on one hand, for customization and modification to fit your specific needs, and, on the other hand, it fosters innovation thanks to the global community of contributors that review and improve the product transparently. This, in turn, builds trust in the software's reliability and security. Furthermore, this transparency allows for thorough auditing of the code, ensuring that it meets high standards of quality and security.

Structured knowledge

XWiki allows adding structure to wiki pages, enhancing information organisation. You can easily edit structured documents, navigate structured data through Live Data, use pre-existing templates for recurring data sets. You can also structure the information from files by attaching them to XWiki pages and using integrated viewers to display them, as well as information from external systems. Furthermore, you can create your collaborative app using App Within Minutes — a very powerful structured data feature.

Advanced features

XWiki makes use of all the features you would expect from an advanced wiki. Ergonomic WYSIWYG editing, page linking, history and rollback, user and rights management, file attachments, macros, and advanced search using the Apache Solr engine, just to name a few. You can use XWiki to share information inside a team, build knowledge bases for support, sales, or HR teams, and create an intranet, extranet, or information-sharing website.

Flexible and extensible wiki

Being developed on second-generation open-source wiki technology, XWiki supports full customization and a higher level of flexibility. It also allows users to make appearance and branding changes such as skins, colours, fonts, and logos. You can build on top of your wiki instance however you like — use the existing extensions or XWiki's hundreds of RESTful remote APIs, script to your heart's content, or use any of the over 900 apps, macros, and extensions available.

No vendor lock-in

As part of our mission and values, we believe that data privacy, no vendor lock-in, and digital sovereignty should become the norm and that everyone should have the final say in how and where the software is deployed. At XWiki SAS, we give everyone the freedom to decide between hosting options and the same pricing for on-premise or cloud solutions.

Try XWiki

The free and open-source wiki platform can be downloaded and installed from the official open-source project website, or you can test out all the features on XWiki Cloud, offered by XWiki SAS.

What is CryptPad?

At XWiki SAS, we’ve also developed CryptPad — an open-source online collaboration suite that provides secure and privacy-focused tools for document editing, real-time collaboration, and communication. CryptPad enables people to use and share rich text, spreadsheets, polls, presentations, whiteboard functions, forms, kanban, diagrams, and code/markdown without compromising the confidentiality of their data, offering a robust alternative to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox.
You can learn more at and test CryptPad for free on the flagship instance at