Breakout Session: Self- service analytics and data visualization for your project

Schedule: Thursday June 13, from 09h15 to 10h45

Room: September


This breakout session will help you to address your data visualization and data analysis needs with an OS software. The session will consist of :

- brief Knowage overview

- how to session (datasources connection, self-service, cockpit creation, Kpi)

- how to embedd Knowage (technical and commercial info)

- roadmap presentation and discussion

Stéfano Scamuzzo, Ecosystem Manager, Knowage
Davide Zerbetto, Software Architect, Knowage
Marco Cortella, Solution Designer, Knowage

Please tick the dedicated box when you register to OW2con'19. (if you did not so during your registration, it will still be possible to join the session!)

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