OW2con'19 Keynote Speakers


Jonne Soininen, Nokia

Jonne Soininen is  Head of Open Source Initiatives at Nokia based in Espoo, Finland. Prior to this position, he worked in different positions with Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Renesas Mobile and Broadcom and has an extensive history in telecommunications and software engineering ranging over 25 years. He has served in different external roles such as in the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV). Currently, he is serving as a board member of Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) and Linux Foundation Deep Learning Foundation (LFDL).


Koen Vermeulen, Orange France


Bastien Guerry, DINSIC

Bastien Guerry is the free software officer for the French public administration. He first studied philosophy and cognitive sciences. He got interested in the free software movement in the late 90's and taught himself how to program by contributing to GNU Emacs. In 2008, he got involved in the One Laptop Per Child initiative and was recruited by Wikimedia France as its first employee in 2010. In 2017, he joined the "Public Interest Entrepreneurs", a program led by Etalab, the French mission for open gov/data. There he discovered the challenges faced by public agencies when it comes to maintaining and enhancing resilient IT infrastructures, recruiting tech profiles, rationalizing the use of "open source" and the contributions made by the public administration to the larger free software ecosystem.


Oliver  Fendt, Siemens

Oliver Fendt is Senior Manager Open Source Software and governance owner of the topic Open Source Software (OSS) and other 3rd party software at Siemens. In this role he is heading the Open Source Task Force, which is a company wide board of experts, who oversee the license compliant use of OSS in products, solutions and services. Oliver has more than 17 years experience in open source software and its license condition and how to comply to the different licenses.


Gunnar  Nilsson, Ericsson

Gunnar is Ericson’s most senior open source expert within Ericsson’s Chief Technology Office, leading Ericsson’s use of open source as well as playing an instrumental role in defining global corporate strategies for community engagement and technology positioning.  Gunnar is a distinguished and experienced leader in Ericsson’s CTO office, his career having focused on networking technologies includes leadership through the various industry transitions from NMT to 5G networking.
Gunnar has been leading the transition toward open source technologies for over last ten years in Ericsson from adoption of Linux as a standards telecoms platform technology to the current trends toward collaborative developments and de facto standards.


Karsten Reincke, Deutsche Telekom AG

Karsten Reincke is Senior Expert Key Projects at Deutsche Telekom AG Open Source Committee.


Stefano Scamuzzo, KNOWAGE

Stefano has long working experience in the IT field. Initially involved in European research projects on hypertext technology, he then undertook the technical management of complex projects in several technological areas such as document and workflow applications, web based applications, enterprise portals and business intelligence applications. At present, he is working within the Research & Innovation Division, as a member of KNOWAGE Board. He masters the domains of service-oriented architectures and Business Intelligence, with a particular focus on open source solutions.


Matthias Kirschner, FSFE

Matthias Kirschner is President of FSFE. In 1999 he started using GNU/Linux and realised that software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. Matthias is convinced that this technology has to empower society not restrict it. While studying Political and Administrative Science he joined FSFE in 2004.

He helps other organisations, companies and governments to understand how they can benefit from Free Software, which gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt and share software, and how those rights help to support freedom of speech, freedom of press or privacy.

Matthias loves playing with his children, and in his spare time assists in wilderness first aid seminars, enjoys comics like XKCD and Transmetropolitan; and Die Ärzte.


Aomar  Bariz, IBM

With 20 years working at IBM on multiple technology domains, today we meet Aomar Bariz as Hybrid Cloud Solution Leader. He offers a 360° view on Open Source Software contributions by IBM. Aomar supports IBM customers to move local workloads to the IBM Cloud platform. He also engage clients in open innovation, designing the best architecture to meet their needs, and to overcome their competition.