Breakout Session: Understand OSS Licenses

Schedule: Thursday June 13, from 09h15 to 10h45

Abstract: October


- Benjamin Jean, CEO, Inno3
Benjamin Jean is CEO of inno³, an open innovation consulting firm focused on IP’s value and open project management, and chairman of « Open Law*, Le droit ouvert », a french non-profit organization promoting activities to enhance the legal sector’s transformation through Open models principles. He is regularly mobilized as an expert in several related events and conferences (such as the Paris Open Source Summit, the European « Sharing & Reuse Conference » , and the OGP Summit). Indeed, besides his full-time job at inno3, he teaches Intellectual Property law in several universities, he is Master conferences at Science Po, administrator of Framasoft, and co-founder of the annual conference cycle « European Open source & Free Software Law Event » (EOLE). Lately, Benjamin co-wrote the Mainteners’ contract.

- Céline Fontaine, Legal Consel, Orange
Céline Fontaine is an IP legal counsel at Orange for 10 years, she is  practicing open source compliancy daily within Orange Group . She discovered the open source world when she was an intern at Inria.   

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