Breakout Session: Fossology Workshop


Schedule: Wednesday June 12, from 16h15 to 18h15

Room: TBC

Modern software typically contains more than 50% open source. This delivers many benefits but it also presents certain license related risks. Fossology is  an Open Source code scan tool provided through the Linux  Foundation that helps projects understand which components  in their software are Open Source, and so enable them to better control risk. Orange proposes this 2 hour meetup as an opportunity to learn from, share with, discuss, exchange and forge links with others also interesting in this powerful tool. Participants who use or contribute to Fossology are warmly invited to give short presentations of their experiences. Participants who do not already use Fossology, please feel welcome to discover the tool, join  the friendly discussions and help the meetup identify some great ideas.

Speaker: Nicolas Toussaint, Embedded software developer and architect, Orange. 

Please tick the dedicated box when you register to OW2con'19. (if you did not so during your registration, it will still be possible to join the session!)

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