Governance Abstracts

Eating your own dog food: good governance in practice with open source tools automation @ OW2

Join us to discover the open source automation tools chain and process deployed by OW2 to support the compliance automation of the projects.

    Find out the history of the OW2 compliance tool chain.
    Get to know which open source tools are used, and what are their strengths and weaknesses.
    Learn about the roadmap for more automation.
    Consider if these tools could also work for your organization.

Speakers: Philippe Ombredanne, NexB, and Antoine Mottier, OW2.

Automate legal compliance with Hermine

Hermine is a new tool in the open source compliance tooling ecosystem.
It allows you to manage and implement your Open Source Legal Compliance Policy.
It facilitates collaboration inside organisations between lawyers, developers and product owners, as well as between legal teams of different organisations.
Organised as an open community, the project also proposes a novel and unique way to collaborate and standardise the understanding and possible interpretations of the open source licences.

In this workshop, we will go into details to explain and discuss the needs and challenges behind open source policies automation, as well as about the necessity to collaborate openly to propose a way to standardise the approach.
We will demonstrate how Hermine works, by configuring and applying a simple open source policy to an imported SBoM. We will see how each component is validated (or not), and the associated resulting list of obligations to be respected.

Speakers: Benjamin Jean, Camille Moulin, CĂ©line Fontaine, Nicolas Toussaint